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Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme was born and raised in Valencia (Spain) where he completed his education in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage studies at the Valencia Polytechnic University followed by Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples. Rodriguez received an opportunity to then work at the first center of modern art created in Spain - Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. Another job opportunity came across from Christie’s Madrid which gave him an opportunity to understand the secondary market and gave him ideas and inspiration to create his first collection of paintings.

The milestone came in 2017 with the first solo exhibition in Milan curated by Riccardo Pozzoli which brought Rodriguez first success and a taste of what was to come. Ricardo quickly decided to open his first art studio in Valencia and solely focus on creating art. Ricardo said ”My first big experience was that year ( April 2017) with an exhibition I made in Milan at Italian celebrity Riccardo Pozzoli. This gave me a huge impulse to decide to open my studio and trust my work.”

Rodriguez has taken part in many exhibitions around Spain and internationally since 2017. Over the years he has created varieties of series which come from a wide range of his interests. The most recent series is inspired by masterpieces such as Gruppo del Laocoonte or Madonass.

The pieces are painted traditionally in oil on canvas. the artist’s goal is to create visual, cultural, and historical hybrids. Some of the pieces are painted with backgrounds that viewers might find familiar with today’s products and brands. The unique combination gives viewers a chance to make a connection between the old myths and symbols with the new, modern visual culture.

Through juxtaposing the art-historical significance of famous paintings and sculptures with the global popularity of advertising, Rodriguez attempts to fuse the Western artistic tradition with contemporary visual culture and elevate the truth, beauty, and wisdom that he sees in both.

His endless love for black and white painting on canvas allows him to explore the sentimental feelings within himself towards this practice which he thinks will give the works more power and help him to achieve a timeless style.

“It gives me a feeling of harmony; the taste is classic. I’ve always been more interested in classic aesthetics. Not only in painting but also in sculpture, architecture, and car design. So, I find combining it and the modern world really interesting.


2017 Solo Show #RPCave by Riccardo Pozzoli - Milan
2017 Solo Show Oscar Room Mate - Madrid
2017 Group Show Galería9 - Valencia
2018 Solo Show Poppyns Store - Valencia
2018 Group Show Galleria Bach - Barcelona
2018 Solo Show Revival of the Machine - Madrid
2019 F1 Authentics - Worldwide
2019 Solo Show Oasis La Marina - Valencia
2019 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Wanrooij Gallery - Amsterdam
2019 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Wanrooij Gallery - Hamburg
2019 Group Show by Pamdesis - Barcelona
2020 Affordable Art Fair London, Wanrooij Gallery - London
2021 Group Show Hampton Gallery - Montreal
2022 Group Show Art Woks Singapore - Singapore and Bali
2022 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm , Mankovsky Gallery - Stockholm


Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme
Legacy, 2021

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme
No Title, 2022

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme
Vice, 2021

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme
Laocoon and his sons, 2021

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme
Vice II, 2022

Ricardo Rodriguez Cosme
Please Let Me Dream II, 2021

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