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About the founder and curator:

Natalia Mota was born and raised in Central Poland but from her teenage years, when the first opportunity appeared, in 2008, she decided to travel and work abroad on frequent contracts in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, and even Sydney. In 2012 she set up her home in Hong Kong where she used her marketing degree to climb the corporate ladder.

Mota founded Arta in 2019 when she decided to change her corporate career in the lifestyle industry to her lifelong passion for visual arts. From the time of attending University in Warsaw, where she studied marketing and advertising, and practiced fashion photography Natalia has adored supporting young artists by assisting in their projects and curating shows for their work. The passion for creation and art brought her to open Arta and it is the fundament of the company’s existence.

Arta became at first an art content platform with podcasts and youtube channels, but soon after Mota’s connection with artists, collectors and galleries organically led her to the art advisory and curatorial path. Natalia supports businesses and private collectors by enhancing their brand and personal image, finding the most talented emerging contemporary artists for bespoke projects, and last but not least locating the rarest pieces, from old masters to contemporary, for her clients.

Following the first successful projects Mota decided to also take part in the Contemporary Art course at London’s Sotheby's Institute where she had a chance to learn from leading professors of the field and meet gallerists from the most prominent galleries in London.

Since 2020 Mota has curated various bespoke exhibitions with local partners and supported local and international emerging artists.

In 2022 Mota took her first step into the curation of an art exhibition internationally by having Arta’s first group exhibition in London.


About ARTA:

Arta first opened its doors in Hong Kong in 2019, where we have supported individual and commercial clients through our art advisory office. In 2020 we have extended our business by curating exhibitions and representing international artists in Hong Kong.

We work with emerging and established international artists including Andreas von Buddenbrock, Antoine Rameau,
Aga Mori, Andrew Luk, Angela Yuen, Law Ka Nam, Bosco Sodi, Camille Walala, Chichi Cheng, Chong Il Woo, Christy
Chow, Daisuke Mori, Ewa Budka, Ewelina Skowrońska, Delphine Yip, Desmond Lo, Javier Martin, Frog King, Elsa
Jeandedieu, Ernest Chang, Francesco Lietti, GMF, Ira Chau, James Prosek, Hank Willis Thomas, Mateusz Piestrak, Man
To, Max Skorwider, Martin Riese, Mauelone Calmels, Mherk Dela Cruz, Michael Ho, Michael Kistler, Michael Lin,
Michell Lie, Nick Brandt, Nick Night, Nicoline Aagesen, Peggy Chan Pui Leng, Philip Hernell, Paul Cox, Peter Shire,
Peter Yuill, PH Yang, Richard Long, Roberta Boffo, Sergei Rozhnov, Sim Chan, Simon Birtch, Tanja Wessels, Tim Marsh,
Todd Warmoth, Pritchard, Wayne Chan among others.

In collaboration with local partners, Arta curates bespoke exhibitions such as #stopgap2020 featuring 11 established
and emerging artists from Central Europe and Hong Kong. The exhibition was part of the well-established and annual deTOUR Festival organized by PMQ Hong Kong in 2020.


Another exhibition worth mentioning is “skin in the game” organized in collaboration with Gallery HZ showcasing four established artists from Korea, Japan, Poland, and Spain in 2021. Arta’s projects offer meaningful and engaging
conversations with creative and inspiring people and aim to promote cross-cultures and enhance connections between contemporary society. Last but not least in 2022 Arta reached the next milestone by bringing Hong Kong and international artists to an international art fair in London which is the first of many additions to Arta’s annual program. Our focus on contemporary art has been expanding from street and pop art to new media and sustainable art which is more and more popular in the age of technology.

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