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Michell Lie was born in 1973 in Hong Kong. Educated in the States majoring in business, minoring in illustration at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Pursuing a life long career in advertising and branding agencies, in 2017 Michell begun her weekend hobby as self-taught ink artist aiming to groom this interest into something philanthropic. Her goal is to make art affordable, charitable and enjoyable, raising funds for the city's senior folks; creating awareness amongst her social circle the importance of pursuing passion project alongside full time career is something worth dedicating lifelong.

Regarding her most recent series, Lie said, "My new collection is about The ripple of hope and joy. My art is like an object that is dropped in the vast ocean, although small in size, it creates a rippling effect that extends outward that keeps growing and expanding. This is made possible because there is hope and believing that kindness prevails and love conquers." 

Art Fair / Exhibition

  • 2021 The Artists' Hands Joint Exhibition

  • 2020 Stains of Time Group Exhibition

  • 2019 Affordable Art Fair, HK

  • 2018 Affordable Art Fair, HK

  • 2018 Red Chamber Gallery Opening Fair


  • 2020 Holt Refrew, Candada Chinese New Year Visual Merchandising Project

  • 2019 Anagram, HK - Fashion Debut Crossover - Spring Summer Edit

  • 2019 Lane Crawford Chinese New Year Visual Merchandising Project

  • 2018 Tokyo Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, Manila Rebrand Project 


  • 2018 Merit, 54th Asia Modern Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan 


  • 1998 MBA, Northeastern University, Boston

  • 1996 BA, University of San Francisco


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