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We are thrilled to announce that emerging artist João Cardoso, also known as Cardoz, has joined Arta gallery, becoming part of our esteemed roster of artists. With his innovative approach and exceptional talent, we believe he will make a significant impact on the contemporary art scene.

His unique blend of vibrant colors, satirical storytelling, and thought-provoking concepts has captivated audiences and earned him recognition in the art world.

João's paintings depict creatures and machines that, much like humans, are imperfect figures. Through his artwork, he explores the collision between humans and robots, delving into the potential consequences and possibilities of a technological future. 

His satirical predictions and scenarios offer a fresh perspective on modern life, inviting viewers to reflect on the ethical and moral dilemmas that may arise.

"The scenarios I explore range from holistic questions on the matters of love to specific ponderings on whether we need a pet to sustain our need for affection," says João Cardoso. "I am considering if a low battery means the death of the robot and which moral values will be transported to the digital realm, signifying the death of humanity. These ideas are reflected throughout my work through a 'pop mechanical figure' named 'Creature'."

Education & Career

Hailing from Portugal, João Cardoso is a talented artist born in 1995. He embarked on his artistic journey by studying the Illustration program at "the CASS" (London Metropolitan University) in 2014, where his exceptional skills and dedication earned him the prestigious "Sir John Cass School of Art Design Award 2017" for his outstanding portfolio upon completing his degree.

João's artistic achievements include participating in renowned exhibitions such as "Rom Boats," showcased at the Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon and exhibited at the ARCO fairs in 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, he has co-founded a studio in partnership with Narso, collaborating with fellow independent artists.

Having been represented by international galleries, João Cardoso has presented projects such as "CRIATURAS" and "WHY STANDING STILL" in Lisbon, as well as "STRICTLY LOOSE" and "CINCO" in Madrid. 
He has also showcased his work at prestigious art fairs like the "VOLTA Art Fair" in Basel 2021 and "Feria ESTAMPA" in Madrid in 2021 and 2022.

In 2022, João was invited to the Art Residency "ARTURb" in Lagos, where he created an impressive outdoor mural. Additionally, his first museum show, "PAPER TOSS," took place at the MUSA - Sintra Museum of Arts in November 2022, providing a platform to exhibit his latest body of work. 


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