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Arta offers a fine art advisory service in affiliation with the most prestigious artists, galleries, auction houses and art fairs around the world.

Championing art appreciation and education, Arta also runs a Bespoke Tours & Curation.


Discretion, transparency, and professionalism are quintessential to our practices.

Arta has been working on corporate and private projects in Hong Kong since 2019, providing a comprehensive range of professional, art-related services, to our clients.

Our services range from the private sale of secondary art pieces to the acquisition of primary works from artists and galleries.

Based on analysis of the historical background of artists, databases, critiques, market records, and other in-depth research, we provide bespoke strategic advice for building collections for new and experienced collectors.

We aim to translate the individual needs and desires of our clients into an art collection that highlights their personalities, mission, interests and cultivates a sense of timelessness and quality. At Arta, we are going the extra mile to ensure our clients will receive the best possible solutions, through in-depth discussions about the client's mission, bespoke presentations of selected art pieces, schedule of galleries, fairs, and artists' studio visits, etc.

Our Services

  • Facilitate sales and commission bespoke art pieces, which include concept development, price and contract negotiations between client and other parties such as an artist or gallery and communication between all parties

  • Provide one-stop service from working closely with the client’s project team, interior designers, producing tailor-made proposals, to art logistics, framing, and installation arrangements

  • Provide local or worldwide sourcing through network of private collectors, art dealers, artists, galleries, and auction houses

  • Due diligence, authentication, provenance, condition, evaluation of the value of an artwork

  • Auction representation

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