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Andrea Björsell is a Hong Kong based experienced photographer. Born in Korea and raised in Sweden, Andrea has worked in London, Los Angeles and New York City. Nothing creates more of a stimulation in creativity than travelling to a bustling city to meet new people, visit new places, embark on new adventures and experience all sensory elements of every moment.


Andrea was first introduced to photography at the age of seven when she was gifted her first camera. After completing Photography Studies at London College of Communications, she decided to pursue a career in professional photography.

The ability to translate brand visions enables Andrea to create dynamic ambience with great attention to the details of her surroundings. Through Andrea’s lens, she creates an illusionary experience through connections with the subjects and keeps searching the meaning in life.

With 20 years of experience in independent professional photography and project management. Andrea has executed photoshoots from conceptualization to art direction across the genres of fashion, interiors, lifestyle, and travel. Andrea’s most notable work includes the Swedish Royal Princess portraits for Cancerfonden.

Regarding her series 'HONG KONG 100 DAYS', Björsell said, "Hong Kong - is a fascinating, exotic place, and also a city that is currently much rewritten and politically debated. A city in change, where the reformation still hasn't seen its end."

Borås-born photographer Andrea Björsell lives in Hong Kong and has spent 100 days photographing the city as she sees it. The political situation, the time of change from freedom to a new rule that characterizes life there, has inspired her. To see the positive moments around her and capture them with her camera, Andrea needs to find a focus and a balance – her photography becomes a way to breathe and find new hope. What is important in life and "what makes sense?"


With a warm hand and a watchful eye, she takes us around her city and shares her silent conversations with the city, the people and life. 


Education and Background

  • 1967: Born in Korea

  • 1998-99: NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, USA - Fashion Photography

  • 1994-96: London College of Communication, London, UK - Diploma, Professional Photography

  • 2013-14: Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm, Sweden - Diploma

Solo exhibitions 

  • Sin Sin Fine Art - Solo Photography Exhibition by Andrea Björsell (22 January - 28 February 2021)

  • Abecita PopArt & foto Museum - Hongkong 100 dagar (19 May - 2 October 2022)

Group Exhibitions

  • “Absolute Artist”, Absolut Vodka, London (August 1996)

  • “+33”, Olausreklambyra, Borås Sweden (May 1997)

  • CELEBRATION, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hongkong (22 January - 22 April 2022)


  • ‘Outstanding Photo Award’ - “+33”, Olausreklambyra, Borås Sweden (May 1997)


Andrea Björsell
Central, 2020

Andrea Björsell
Monster Building, 2020

Andrea Björsell
Mahjong, 2020

Andrea Björsell
Pause, 2020

Andrea Björsell
HSBC, 2020

Andrea Björsell
Away, 2020

Andrea Björsell
Hangout Corner, 2020

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