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11th April to 18th April 2022 at Arta's Showroom


Arta is thrilled to invite you for a group show with originals drawings and prints made by Andreas von Buddenbrock, and paintings by Francesco Lietti and Ewa Budka. The show is titled "Ai Yah" depicting pieces of ordinary days, from what we see as a day-by-day business on the streets to basic emotions and desires that we all experience daily. The exhibition is running from the 11th to 18th April 2022.

With Ai Yah, Andreas von Buddenbrock aka The Ink Trail provides a detailed look into some of the things that make Hong Kong such a unique location, both to live in and to explore. Though most of us would agree that it’s a very special place, we rarely stop and look at the things that make it stand out from its peers. While the sight of a local cab might serve as instantly recognizable imagery to those only vaguely familiar with the city, cluttered appliance shops, repair garages, and structures built in symbiosis with their surrounding nature may strike a cord with those who are fortunate enough to call Hong Kong their home.


The four pieces included in "Ai Yah" were all originally created using Micron and Zebra ink pens. An avid observer of his surroundings, each drawing was made from subjects observed in Andreas ’daily life, as well as his many explorations around Hong Kong. “Taxi” and “Wong Chuk Hang” are both limited edition prints made from the detailed live-drawings of his wide collection of sketchbooks while “Taxi Repair” and “North Point Business” are part of a new series about local Hong Kong businesses, taking around forty and sixty hours to complete respectively.

Francesco Lietti's paintings hover between reality and fantasy, capturing Hong Kong's unique cityscape. Using strong blocks of paint to represent the buildings, Lietti also includes smaller patches of textured color, which dance across the cityscape, giving it that dream-like, ephemeral quality. The artist works in acrylic and oils on canvas and also adds collage to give even more texture and depth. He then finishes his pieces with a thick, glossy resin, further enhancing the brightness of the colors.

Ewa Budka captures her own stories - emotions which, like a tattoo on human skin are visible on her abstract paintings. Budka explores the complexity of having an international career as an artist, art director, model, and recently also as a mom, and all which goes with it, the bad and good times - heartbreaks, frustration, happiness, and love.

Budka said “A sheet of plywood, a playable natural material perfectly fit for the practice of Mokulito, becomes a symbol for the human body in my project because, like our bodies, it is able to record and store the effects of external forces—touches, scratches, marks. Plywood also supports my free, gestural drawing and carving, and allows me to print from its surface, pour on latex, peel, draw more and carve again.”

Exhibition details:
Arta Private Space, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
Opening 11 - 18 April 2022 
Media preview:
RSVP: Natalia Mota • 

For any inquiries and media interviews, please contact Natalia Mota at +852 61264056 or email               

About Curator - Natalia Mota
Natalia Mota is the founder of Arta with a mission to bring contemporary art closer to everyone everywhere. By building meaningful content, as well as curating bespoke exhibitions with local partners, Arta supports local and international emerging artists.
The online and offline projects offer meaningful, engaging conversations with the most creative, inspiring people and aim to promote cross-cultures and enhance connections between people from all around the world. 
Mota is also co-founder of Arta Advisory - a platform connecting art enthusiasts and collectors with creative gurus- the most established institutions, galleries, and artists in South East Asia.
Natalia supports businesses and private collectors by enhancing their brand and personal image, finding the most talented emerging contemporary artists for bespoke projects, and last but not least locating the rarest pieces from old masters.


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