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Polish artist and designer. Graduated from the Design Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a master’s degree. For over a decade, Lapinska- Rozenbaum has been successfully designing ceramics and graphics as well as creating non-standard projects such as designing a neon sign for the Lukullus confectionery in Mokotowska Street in Warsaw or designing and creating a 100 square meter mosaic at the “Zodiak” Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture. Recently, she also designed the scenography for a play. From 2011 to 2013 she severed as the Art Director of the lifestyle magazine K MAG. She has worked with many cultural institutions, publications and large brands and her work has been displayed in many exhibitions in Poland – Warsaw, Sopot, Katowice, Łódź- and around the world- Berlin, New York, London, Lyon, Havana, Tokyo. Lapinska-Rozenbaum is a multidisciplinary artist. Her works combine ceramics, painting, graphics and illustration, fluidly transitioning between mediums. Her favorite materials are clay and porcelain. In her own words: “Creating ceramic objects is like being in contact with the earth, with something primal in me, but also something primal in us all, in the human collective. To me, touching clay is like immersing myself in my unconsciousness, forming it. It also means coming into contact with the elements- earth, fire and air. In order to be “born” an object must go through fire. It is very symbolic. Our mental processes need to be fired as well- we must descend into darkness and go through a transformation in the flames.” In her sculptures and paintings, Lapinska-Rozenbaum touches upon taboo topics connected to the body, sexuality, and death. “Sexuality and death are truly the biggest taboos of our society. But Eros and Thanatos – love and death- are intertwined. If you do not fear death, the fact that something comes to an end, dies, you do not fear sexuality, that is life, either.” – says the artist. Lapinska-Rozenbaum also conducts personal development workshops for women, during which participants use clay to form their “power totems”- objects created with personal intent, which are meant to remind women of the creative potential they possess. In a world dominated by linear and rational thinking, Lapinska-Rozenbaum wants to remind us how important it is to trust our feelings and intuition.

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